Grand Veena BE Loudspeaker

Grand Veena BE Loudspeaker

For over 40 years Reference 3A has been earning a sterling reputation and many awards for producing “utterly musical” loudspeakers with a very coherent, engaging and lively sound.

To evolve this tradition further, utilising newly developed techniques and advanced materials, we now present our new larger model the Grand Veena BE


Sensitivity 90 dB
Impedance 5 Ohms
Frequency Response 36Hz to 40KHz
Power Handling 200 Watts RMS
Phase Coherent


Height 51″ (129 cm)
Width 10.3″ (26 cm)
Depth (base) 19″ (48 cm)
Depth (top) 6″ (15 cm)
Weight 75 lbs (35 kg) each


The Grand Veena BE is a tall, slender tower seamlessly integrated unique drivers. The front baffle is tilted back at a critical angle and the drivers are positioned precisely for correct time alignment and sound wave propagation. The multi chamber cabinet provides isolation to avoid interference between the drivers operating at different frequency ranges.

Achieving a coherent phase response has always been an utmost priority for us and a design criterion with all our loudspeakers. Carefully assembling the drivers with correct parameters and choosing a more direct signal-path design option, along with critical placement of the perfectly pair matched drivers allows us to achieve this goal with our Grand Veena BE. They project harmonically rich, clear and expansive soundstage images and offer fatigueless extended listening sessions.

Our own hand-built 7″ (170 mm) main driver is hyper-exponentially shaped and covers a wide range of the music evenly. Utilising advanced materials and techniques the driver is designed to not require crossovers and it is coupled directly to the amplifier. The potentially harmful effects of crossover components are removed from the path so the musical signal arrives at the driver uninterrupted and intact. Every tiny musical detail is tracked precisely and immediately.

Two powerful 8″ (21mm) long excursion bass drivers are used for extended low frequencies. Very stiff and light cones of Fibreglass and Kevlar in honeycomb construction are used to eliminate driver break-up modes. Rigid cast metal driver frames are used to ensure mechanical integrity. A unique acoustic device is constructed internally to absorb excess pressure generated by the enclosure’s standing waves to avoid interference with the driver’s motion. With only a quasi-second order low-pass filter, low frequencies are tuned to extend flatly down to 36Hz. Significant information is still realised at even very low 20Hz.

The recent updates to the Grand Veena BE include a new beryllium tweeter which extends to 40 Khz and Surreal Acoustic Len’s on the driver cones to stop air vortex distortions.

The Grand Veena BE is available in two types of wood veneers, cherry or maple, with a choice of satin or gloss finish.